Fun and Whimsical

Welcome! I hope all of you had a happy (and safe) holiday season and that 2017 brings you copious amounts of happiness, health, and prosperity. If you’ve followed me over here from my other blog – thank you for joining me here. For those of you who just discovered this blog and decided to follow it – thank you and welcome!

With the world so out of whack and full of ugly and crazy things right now it’s hard to find the uplifting and beautiful stuff so I thought for my first post I would post something fun and whimsical. The flower is a corn poppy that I grew in my garden a couple of years ago with a rainbow filter applied to it.

17 thoughts on “Fun and Whimsical

  1. I did get the reply you forwarded and will reply soon. It’s still a bit uncomfortable to sit at the computer for long periods so things take me a lot longer than they usually do. :-/

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  2. I did indeed get your email Jackie, thank you, and, although it wasn’t an instant reply, I did send you a reply back on the 21st, as I’ve just checked! It would seem you perhaps haven’t received it?? I will go and forward the message again Jackie 🙂 Hope all is still moving in the right direction for your recovery xxx

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  3. Thanks so much, David! Happy New Year to you and yours. The rehab is coming along very well. I start out patient physical therapy in the the next week or so which means I’m in the home stretch. 😀


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