11 thoughts on “Happy Spring!

  1. Thanks so much! I know around here the quote is very true or it used to be. We usually get one last big snow storm in the middle of March and then the temps slowly start to rise. You don’t get those really nice spring days until the middle of April. This year, the temperatures were up, down, back up, and then back down again. The last time they dropped they fell so low some of the new sprouts like the ones in the picture turned brown. :-/


  2. The weather here has been pretty topsy turvy so most of the green that popped up during a warm spell got damaged by the cold that followed. I’m glad I got this before that happened.


  3. Just spots of green here and there, mostly brown yet. If anything, we’ve been having pleasant weather. Colorado, however, can be unpredictable weather-wise.

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