Hiatus Is Over 

Hello Everyone! 😀

I will no longer keep you in suspense. The project I’ve been working on is a calendar. It will feature birth flowers for each month and include interesting information related to those flowers. Most people know about birthstones but many don’t know that there are also birth flowers.

I was very productive during my break but I also realized that it was going to be a bigger project than I initially thought. I was hoping I could get it completed before the 2018 calendar year started but in order to bring to life the vision I have in my head I need a lot more time. Barring any unforeseen complications, the 2019 Birth Flower calendar should be completed in late July or early August of 2018.

This brought me to a small dilemma. I don’t want to be away from blogging for too long but I also want to put a lot of my energy into this project. So after some time tossing around ideas I came up with this: I will reduce my blog posts to one day a week which will also include periodic updates of how the calendar is coming along. This new way of doing things will start tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “Hiatus Is Over 

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  2. I’ve thought about a calendar project on and off the past few years. It is not easy when you begin to bring resources together and allowing yourself enough lead time. Much success. 🙂

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