13 thoughts on “Sunday Thoughts: Time

  1. We would be left with only our bodily needs like hunger, sleep, and hydration. In other words, time would be measure by when we need to eat sleep, and hydrate.


  2. Since time is relative, the likelihood of standing still will increase – we wouldn’t know what to do, when, and for how “long”. Also, the dark and light of day will not have any importance outside of seeing.

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  3. Some more food for thought from you! If you stopped paying attention to a sundial that would be the only way to ‘stop’ it. But it still goes on. So… back to pondering this. 😉


  4. Good to see you -?Thanks for commenting ❤️ I said this on Facebook to you but I don’t want I leave your comment without a reply. Technically speaking, there are only 2 times – daytime and nighttime. 😉


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