I’m Still Here

My sincerest apologies for such a long absence away from the blogosphere. I fallen behind because my plate has been very full these last few weeks. I’m working on the flower calendar, I’m preparing for a photography exhibit that is happening on June 9th, and I’ve been very active on Facebook speaking out about politics. With all of this going on I have decided to go on a blogging hiatus for the summer and will return in the fall. Take care, everyone! See you when the seasons change. 

Calendar Update

I’ve hit a snag. 4 of the 12 flowers I need for the birth flower calendar I have to either order from a flower shop or grow myself. Ordering from a flower shop would be too expensive which means growing them myself. I absolutely love the idea of doing that and plan to when the spring comes but it means the birth flower calendar will take a lot longer and will have to wait to be fully realized. In the meantime, I’ve decided to create a flower calendar that includes my favorite flower pictures matched up with my favorite quotes. Even though I’ve had to change plans, I’m very excited about the new direction the project has taken. 🙂

Hiatus Is Over 

Hello Everyone! 😀

I will no longer keep you in suspense. The project I’ve been working on is a calendar. It will feature birth flowers for each month and include interesting information related to those flowers. Most people know about birthstones but many don’t know that there are also birth flowers.

I was very productive during my break but I also realized that it was going to be a bigger project than I initially thought. I was hoping I could get it completed before the 2018 calendar year started but in order to bring to life the vision I have in my head I need a lot more time. Barring any unforeseen complications, the 2019 Birth Flower calendar should be completed in late July or early August of 2018.

This brought me to a small dilemma. I don’t want to be away from blogging for too long but I also want to put a lot of my energy into this project. So after some time tossing around ideas I came up with this: I will reduce my blog posts to one day a week which will also include periodic updates of how the calendar is coming along. This new way of doing things will start tomorrow.

A Brief Hiatus

Kodak Rainbow Hawkeye [cica 1930 - 1933] ©Jackie BrooksI’m going to take a blogging break for the rest of August and early September. I’m doing this in order to start working on a photographic project that I’ve been planning for awhile. Take care everyone!  See you all next month. 😀

It’s Almost Blogging Time!

Welcome everyone! Thanks for following my blog before it even started. I really appreciate that. I wanted to let you know that I plan to start blogging again on January 1! This blog will be a lot more casual than the other blog I had before as far as how often I post. As this blog evolves things will change but for now I plan to post 3 times a week. What days? It depends on the week. 😉

For those of you who might be interested, here is an update on how my back surgery went.  I had the surgery on Nov. 3rd and all went very well. My recovery is going as smoothly as it possibly can (much to my relief!) I still have a lot of physical therapy ahead of me but that’s okay because it means that I’m now in the home stretch!

That’s all for now – hope to see you January 1st! 😀

Nothing Here Yet!

There is not much here now but stay tuned there will be! Sometime in early January I will be filling this blog up with my photos. In the meantime, I will be tinkering and tweaking things here and there to get them just the way I want them. Parden my “digital dust” over the next several months. Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope to see you here next year! 😀